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Verandas Milton Keynes

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Verandas Milton Keynes

Better Outdoors can help you improve your outside living space with a high-quality aluminium veranda. Our verandas are an excellent way to integrate the inside of your Milton Keynes house with the outdoor space. Benefit from a modern design that will improve the beauty of your home while also offering you energy efficiency advantages.


Aluminium verandas are attached to an existing structure when they are installed. They are manufactured using premium grade aluminium, so you can be confident that your Milton Keynes house will be secure, waterproof, and last for a long time. For tech savvy homeowners, the roofing system can be controlled through remote control or Bluetooth via a smartphone app. The veranda's design has a motorised roof, which allows for ventilation, solar shading, and protection from rainfall. As a result, your new veranda will be used in a variety of weather conditions.


You can create a year round outdoor living room in Milton Keynes with the glass roof panels and optional sliding doors. We have a specialised team of experts who will work with you on your project from start to finish. We can provide you with a variety of customised solutions that will complement the design, budget, and architecture of your Milton Keynes house. LED lights can be installed in addition to heated glass, heatstrips, vertical blinds, and glass sliding.

Key Features

Thermal Insulation

The aluminium frame and optional glass walls, doors, heatstrips, and heaters will offer you an outdoor living space in Milton Keynes that can be used even during the coldest winter months. The modern design will keep your area well insulated and comfortable for a longer period of time. This will lower your energy use as well as your energy bills.

Modern Style

Better Outdoors' design staff can create a veranda that compliments the architecture of your Milton Keynes property. There are seven standard colours, including black, white, and grey tones and matte and metallic finishes. If you want to be daring with the design of your verandas, we have a large selection of RAL colours for you to choose from.

Highly Secure

When investing in a new home improvement, you want to know that your aluminium veranda will keep you and your Milton Keynes home secure for years to come. The sturdy metal frame has been developed to withstand heavy collisions while sustaining minimal damage. Your new outdoor living space will be resistant to inclement weather and undesirable visitors.

Customisable Options

Glass Doors

You can open one or more sides of your veranda or pergola with glass sliding doors. The powder coated structure will match your veranda or pergola. For the greatest possible clear area, up to five distinct tracks are available. Locking handles and clear weather seals are also available for added security and airtightness.

Glass Walls

Glass walls can be used to seal off one or more sides of a veranda while keeping the view open. Available with aluminium mullions for better airtightness and stability or with glass-to-glass joints for the clearest, unobstructed views. Back painting, heating, solar coating, and switchability are all options for the glass.

LED Spot Lights

LED Spot Lights are ultra compact, extremely efficient warm-white LED downlights that can be installed in groups of up to twelve into any of our verandas' narrow rafters. Controllable and dimmable through a standard light switch or optional remote control.





Outdoor electric strip warmers that are both elegant and weather resistant. They emit a radiant heat with no orange glow, warming people and surfaces rather than the air, making them ideal for open sided verandas and pergolas. Available in light and dark finishes and numerous wattages to meet all needs.


Heated Glass

Heated glass comprises a completely transparent thermal layer that transforms the entire pane into a transparent electric heater. It heats your veranda efficiently and prevents condensation from accumulating on glass walls and roofs. A heating solution that is both attractive and functional. It is compatible with the majority of our glazed products. It comes in several wattages that we can help you determine based on various parameters, such as floor area and intended use.

Vertical Blinds

We offer robust, motorised external blinds from a prominent German company that provide privacy and wind protection for your slimline veranda while allowing natural light to pass through. Blinds are tensioned to withstand severe wind forces, and the extensive fabric selection is designed with durability in mind. Slim, powder coated casings are compatible with all of our veranda models. The optional smart module, which functions through remote control, can be integrated with home automation systems and smartphones.

Roof Blades

Roof blinds can be top or under installed and fitted into any of our verandas using powder coated casing and tracks.

Remote Control

A remote control for your patio that activates and dims the LED spot lighting is available as an option. A remote control is included for your veranda that opens, closes, and adjusts the roof blades, as well as runs and controls the optional LED strip lighting if fitted.

Colour Options

9010 X

9001 X

7039 S

7016 SM

9005 SM

9005 CTX

9007 SM

Our Pergolas and Verandas are available in over 100 different custom RAL colours, as well as the standard colour options.

Please note, colours may appear differently on your particular device screen. Images are for reference only.

Verandas Prices Milton Keynes

If you've decided to add a veranda to your or a client's property, Better Outdoors can help. In Milton Keynes, we provide a wide range of aesthetically and functionally excellent verandas at reasonable prices.


Why not get a tailored quotation for verandas by using our online quoting tool? Enter your specifications, and you'll get a price quote in minutes.


You can also contact us with your questions via our online contact form or by phoning 01923 932 492. We look forward to assisting you with your next home improvement project.

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