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Bioclimatic Pergolas in Reading

Better Outdoors offers a variety of pergolas and verandas to Reading and UK residents. Our bioclimatic pergolas are the optimal solution for outdoor living, protecting from the sun, rain, and snow throughout the year. These contemporary pergolas are distinguished by being freestanding exterior structures.


By tilting the remote controlled motorised blades or louvres, you can control the amount of sunlight entering your pergola. You can also close them when it rains to prevent your space from getting wet, granting you complete control over the weather. This is accompanied by concealed drainage to avoid water pooling in your outdoor living space.


Regardless of the weather, thanks to our pergolas, you can always enjoy your garden. The blades can also be angled to allow for a gentle breeze. These durable aluminium pergolas will transform your perception of outdoor living by providing your property with a stylish and comfortable outdoor living solution. Contact our team immediately for a free price estimate.

Customisable Pergolas in Reading

We enable our customers to create and enjoy unique spaces. When homeowners and professionals in Reading choose Better Outdoors, the options are practically endless. We provide a variety of colour choices and customisable features, such as glazed doors and walls, LED strip lighting, and even a rain sensor. This enables us to offer you a bioclimatic pergola suited to the UK's climate and ensures the residents' thermal comfort.

Key Features

Quick & Easy Installation

Our pergolas are ingeniously designed for quick and straightforward installation. This means that your Reading property will experience minimal disruption, and the installation of your brand new modern pergola will be expedited. Before assembly in your garden or patio, they can be easily transported and manoeuvred through tighter spaces due to our designs. For more information on our outdoor installation services, contact us via email at or by phone at 01923 932 492; a team member will be happy to assist you with your home improvement endeavours.

Premium Grade Aluminium

Better Outdoors offers durable aluminium pergolas crafted from high quality materials and featuring a finish that architects value. The pergola made from aluminium is vastly superior to those made from other materials. Unlike uPVC, our systems are resistant to UV degradation and warping and do not rust like steel structures. Better Outdoors is the company to contact for long lasting aluminium pergolas.

Highly Compatible

Not only are our pergolas portable and simple to install, but they also come in various sizes to accommodate your outdoor space. Our available configurations range from designs with 11 roof blades and a width of 2532mm to designs with 28 roof blades and a maximum width span of 6000mm. This has room for growth - we can construct a 60 meter tall structure with intermediate posts! To help you save space, we can also design your motorised roof with a suspended or cantilevered ceiling.

Customisable Options

Glass Sliding Doors

You can open up one or more sides of your bioclimatic pergola using the aesthetically pleasing sliding glass door. The frame is powder coated to match the colour scheme, and up to five viewing tracks are available for maximum visibility. The unpredictability of the Reading climate is kept out of your extension by locking door handles and clear weather seals.

Glass Walls

Glass walls guarantee unobstructed views from at least one side of your bioclimatic pergola. To complement the current design, the slim frame is powder coated. Available with either aluminium mullions for enhanced airtightness and structural integrity or glass to glass joints for the clearest garden views. The glass can be back painted, heated, solar coated, or switchable to meet your needs.

LED Lights

A continuous strip of dimmable, highly efficient LED light with a diffuser for a sleek, modern appearance. These lights are available in warm white or RGB and can be installed on all four sides of a pergola. Optionally, you can control your lights with a remote, a smartphone app, or a Bluetooth module. As it is mounted on the same frame, our LED lights for the pergola are available if there is no need for glass side panels or doors.

Heat strips

Contemporary electric strip heaters are built and sealed for outdoor use. It produces radiant heat without an orange glow, heating people and surfaces instead of the air, making it suitable for modern bioclimatic pergolas with open sides. Available in various finishes and wattages to accommodate all requirements, including light and dark illumination.

Heated Glass

Our glass is fabricated with a transparent thermal film that converts the entire pane into a transparent electric heater. The efficient heating of your bioclimatic pergola will prevent condensation from forming on the glass walls and roof. This elegant, minimal, and functional heating solution is available in various wattages to precisely meet your needs.

Vertical Blinds

We provide sturdy, motorised vertical blinds from a leading German manufacturer to provide privacy and wind protection for your Bioclimatic Pergola without blocking all light. Blinds are tensioned to withstand high wind pressures, and the fabrics available are constructed for durability. The optional smart module enables operation via remote control and integration with home automation systems and smartphones.

Rain Sensor

When rain is detected, the rain sensor closes the bioclimatic pergola's roof to protect the furniture and extension from getting wet. Our rain sensor mechanism requires approximately four to five hours to reset, and until then, the blades cannot be opened.

Remote Control

The optional remote can operate and control the optional LED strip lighting if installed and open, close, and adjust the roof blades of your bioclimatic pergola.

Pergola Prices in Reading

Our Reading pergola prices are extremely competitive. Our systems are of exceptional value due to their superior quality and durability. Using our online quoting tool, you can design your pergola with or without our beautiful accessories.


Available options include glazing, customised RAL colours, rain sensors, and Bluetooth interfaces. Additionally, you can specify the number of walls or sliding doors you want on each side of your system, and you can install them with or without mullions.


If you are looking for the ideal modern pergola for your outdoor project, start your free online quote today.

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