What are the benefits of Pergolas?

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What are the benefits of Pergolas?


Pergolas are a perfect modern and functional addition to your home adding a touch of luxury to your garden. They are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of reasons suited to you and your home's needs. Whether that's expanding your living space, an outdoor dining area, an entertaining spot for summer or a cosy room for winter, our pergolas can be adapted for all seasons and to what you require. Better outdoors provide an extensive selection of pergolas that can be attached to your property or free standing giving you versatility on your desired outcome. 


If you are wondering what the difference is between Pergolas and Verandas, then we have created a blog post to help you out. If you have been inspired to get a pergola then read on for the benefits of our range of pergolas.


Pergolas and Verandas London

Provides shade


Pergolas can provide you with shade and privacy, remote control roof panels give you the option to have as much or as little shade as you intend. In addition, vertical blinds are available for added privacy and shade, made from long lasting fabrics that use tension technology to last through severe winds. As British weather can be very unpredictable, our pergolas can protect you from all the elements whilst you still enjoy your garden views. 


Bioclimatic Pergolas UK

Fully customisable 


Our pergolas are highly customisable, we offer a variety of customisable options including glass walls and sliding doors to spread light across your room due to their transparent design. Heatstrips and LED strip lights to keep your space bright and warm all year long. Our pergolas are available in 7 standard colours and 100 different RAL colours and come in a range of sizes and heights so you are spoilt for choice. You can create a design that is suited to your style, budget and your home’s architecture with the help of our expert team.  


Better Outdoors Pergola Spa

Highly versatile 


Pergolas provide a versatile structure to expand your living space in many different ways to make your home more functional. If you are wanting a new living room, dining area, entertaining space, relaxation area to spend time with your family and friends, pergolas are a great way to seamlessly transition your indoor to your outdoor space.


For the summer months you can open up the doors to allow for better ventilation and a more open area and for the winter months our smart glass walls can provide thermal insulation, so not only can you remain cosy and warm but you can still enjoy your beautiful garden views. Another addition available are heatstrips for added warmth in the winter and LED light strips for the darker winter nights, which means your garden room can be used all year long. 


Bioclimatic Pergolas London



Typically pergolas were made from wood, however, we use premium grade aluminium that is robust and weather proof to last you for many years as it doesn't rot, warp or crack.  Our innovative technology means you can control your pergola by remote control or your smartphone to give you complete control on how warm, cold, sunny or shaded your space is.  


Increase value of your property 


By installing a pergola you can increase the value of your property, pergolas are a desirable addition to buyers and make your home more attractive and functional making this product a great investment. 


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