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Upgrade your outdoor living area with our smart range of bioclimatic pergolas. Better Outdoors offers a range of beautiful outdoor home improvement solutions in Walthamstow nearby areas. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Bioclimatic Pergolas in Walthamstow

At Better Outdoors, we are your local specialists in outdoor living solutions in Walthamstow, London and nearby areas. If you want to revamp your patio or garden, then look no further than our stunning pergola collection and verandas range. Transform your outside space into a year round destination for dining, gathering, and leisure. Our pergolas not only look excellent, but they also operate effortlessly. The remote controlled technology makes it simple to operate your new pergola, allowing you to change the configuration of the motorised louvres with the push of a button.


Take control over the flow of natural light by adjusting the louvres to let in or keep out as much light as you choose. Our pergolas are also perfect for rainy days since they have the capacity to close, preventing rain from disrupting your outdoor event. These bioclimatic pergolas are designed to give maximum comfort and include concealed drainage elements to keep rain from ruining your outside space.

We offer pergolas that are made of durable aluminium and can be customised to suit your every need. Get in touch with our friendly team and request a free consultation today!

Bespoke Pergolas in Walthamstow

Better Outdoors ensures that our customers in Walthamstow have access to unique options for designing and enjoying their outside areas. We provide adjustable features such as glazed doors and walls in a variety of colours, LED strip lighting, and a rain sensor that is intelligently adapted to the UK environment. Enjoy limitless possibilities when you work with us!

Key Features

Quick Installation

Our pergolas have been cleverly constructed for quick and easy installation. This guarantees that your new pergola is installed fast and efficiently, reducing stress in your Walthamstow home. You don’t have to worry about space as our clever designs can simply fit into tight areas. To learn more about our outdoor installation services, please contact us by email at or by phone at 01923 932 492, and one of our friendly team members will assist you with your home renovation journey.

Premium Grade Aluminium

Choose long lasting aluminium pergolas for your home. Our goods are made from high quality materials, such as sturdy yet flexible aluminium. Aluminium does not absorb moisture and does not distort, deteriorate, or rust. Our pergolas outperform uPVC or steel constructions. Contact us today to learn more about the greatest aluminium pergolas on the market.

Suitable for All Spaces

Our pergolas are not only simple to carry and install, but they are also available in a variety of sizes to fit your outside space. You can pick between designs with 11 or 28 roof blades and a width range ranging from 2532mm to 6000mm. We can also create structures up to 60m tall thanks to the intermediary posts that we install as standard. We also specialise in motorised roofs with suspended or cantilevered designs to conserve space.

Customisable Options

Glass Sliding Doors

A bioclimatic pergola with a sleek and attractive sliding glass door will bring the natural beauty of outside inside your house. The powder coated slender frame of the sliding doors we install ensures that your new door is sturdy and complements your existing colour scheme. It also has up to five viewing tracks, so you can effortlessly take in your surroundings. The strong handle and transparent weather seals protect your pergolas from the elements in Walthamstow.

Glass Walls

Bioclimatic pergolas with glass walls provide spectacular, unhindered views from every angle. For better airtightness and structural stability, a sleek and attractive powder coated frame is provided, and mullions are available in both aluminium and glass. Back painting, heating, solar coating, and a range of other options are available to further personalise the glass we install.

LED Strip Lights

We also provide a custom selection of LED strip lights for our pergola setups. Because of the continuous strip of extremely efficient and dimmable light that comes with a diffuser, the LED lights we install have a sleek, contemporary appearance. The lights we provide can be installed on all four sides of the pergola and come in warm white or RGB. You may control these lights with a remote, smartphone app, or Bluetooth module for increased convenience. The lights mount to the same frame as the pergola, so there are no glass side panels or doors to install.


We have a selection of modern strip heaters that are ideal for keeping your pergola toasty. They provide radiant heat without emitting an orange light and heat people and surfaces rather than the air, making them ideal for open-sided environments with a modern bioclimatic design. There are many different wattages, designs, and colours to choose from, so whatever your needs are, you can discover the ideal heatstrip for your Walthamstow house.

Heated Glass

Our thermal film infused glass turns any pane of glass into a fully transparent electric heater, making it ideal for bioclimatic pergolas. If you wish to avoid condensation on glass walls and roofs, this simple, basic heating solution could be ideal.

Vertical Blinds

We supply a selection of motorised vertical blinds from a leading German manufacturer to bring privacy and comfort to your Walthamstow property. Our long lasting fabrics, which use tensioning technology to avoid damage from severe winds, will ensure that your blinds retain their quality for years. A smart module adds elegance by allowing you to manage your blinds remotely, combining them with your home automation system and smartphone.

Rain Sensor

Our pergolas can also be equipped with sophisticated rain sensors. If rain is detected, the rain sensor will activate and close the roof of your bioclimatic pergola, keeping your furniture and patio dry. The rain sensor reset process will take approximately 4-5 hours, during which time the pergola roof blades will remain closed and cannot be opened. This safeguards your home against water damage.

Remote Control

With the remote for your bioclimatic pergola, you can easily open, close, and adjust the roof blades of your new garden addition. If LED lights are installed, our remote allows you to operate them as well, providing a complete operational solution in a single, convenient package.

Colour Options

9010 X

9001 X

7039 S

7016 SM

9005 SM

9005 CTX

9007 SM

Our Pergolas and Verandas are available in over 100 different custom RAL colours, as well as the standard colour options.

Please note, colours may appear differently on your particular device screen. Images are for reference only.

Pergola Prices Walthamstow

If you are looking for a pergola in Walthamstow, choose from our wide range of energy efficient bioclimatic pergolas. You can design the pergola you want with or without any of our wonderful accessories, such as additional glass, custom RAL colours, rain sensors, and Bluetooth connections, using our online quoting engine.

You can specify the number of walls or sliding doors you want on either side of the system, and they can be fitted with or without mullions. Begin your dream project today by requesting a free online quote.

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