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Pergolas St. Albans

At Better Outdoors, we provide a variety of Pergolas to transform our home in St. Albans, creating a perfect luxury outdoor living space for entertaining, relaxing or dining. Not only are our pergolas stunning and sleek, but they perform to a high standard. Different from Verandas, our pergolas are freestanding structures that can be installed anywhere in your garden. 


Our pergolas are designed to adapt to every season; with controlled smart systems, you can control the blinds and louvres to allow sunlight or protect from the rain, heaters to keep you warm and discrete drainage systems to prevent water from pooling, you can enjoy your garden all year round. 


We understand that every home in St. Albans is different; this is why our pergolas are fully customisable to give you creative freedom for your specific tastes. We have an expert team who will work with you to find something that suits your style and budget; customisable features include different colours, LED strip lighting, glazed doors and walls and rain sensors. By choosing Better Outdoors, you will benefit from high quality products and services. 

Key Features

Quick and Easy Installation

For quicker construction time, our pergolas are designed for fast and straightforward installation, meaning your St Albans property will receive minimal disturbance. It can be transported with smaller vehicles and manoeuvred into smaller areas due to its simple mechanical assembly process.

Suitable For All Spaces

As well as our pergolas being easy to move and install, our pergolas are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 11 or 28 blades and widths of 2532 mm to 6000 mm and up to 60 m tall to fit your garden size. We also specialise in motorised roofs to save on space with suspended or cantilevered designs.

Made To Last

Manufactured with Premium grade Aluminium, our pergolas are durable and low maintenance. Superior to uPVC or timber, our Aluminium doesn’t warp, crack or degrade and eradicates the risk of rusting that is common with steel. You can be assured that you are investing in a product that will last you decades.

Customisable Options

Glass Sliding Doors

The stunning transparent glass sliding doors allow you to open up one or more sides of your space to keep the beautiful outdoor views in view. The sleek frame is powder coated to improve durability whilst maintaining the colour scheme. You can have up to five viewing tracks to open up the space, and it's clear weather seals and strong handle keep your extension protected.

Glass Wall

Our glass walls can give you a beautiful, unobstructed view from all sides. To maintain the sleek design, a powder coating is applied to the frame. There are customisable options, such as mullions for improved airtightness and durability, as well as a choice of back painting, heating, solar coating and many other options.

LED strip lights

For evening and night time functionality, we offer highly efficient, dimmable LED strip lights for our pergolas, available in warm white or RGB, that can be installed on all four sides of the pergola. For easy use, they can be controlled by remote control or an app on your smartphone or a Bluetooth device.

Heat Strips

Heatstrips produce a radiant heat to keep your outdoor space warm, which can heat you and the surfaces rather than the air without emitting an orange glow. They are available in a wide range of wattages, styles and colours.

Heated Glass

If you want a condensation-free, efficient and practical heated glass, we have the solution. Made with a thermal film that transforms the entire glass pane into a transparent electric heater, heated glass is ideal for a pergola in your St Albans home.

Vertical Blinds

For added privacy we have sturdy, motorised vertical blinds made by leading German manufacturers. Tensioning technology prevents damage from strong winds, and the high quality materials should last you many years. They also can be controlled remotely and integrated with home automation systems and smartphones.

Rain Sensor

You have the option to install the innovative smart rain sensors. If rain is detected, the roof will automatically be shut, keeping your patio and furniture dry. It will reset the blades one more time after four to five hours to prevent water damage.

Remote Control

The optional remote control gives you the power to open and close, adjust the roof blades and adjust the LED lights if installed.

Pergola prices, St Alban

If you want to give your St Alban home that wow factor, then Better Outdoors can provide you with superior quality, high quality performance and competitive prices. Try out our easy to use quoting engine for a free pergola quote. Start your journey towards transforming your home.


Alternatively, contact us by calling us on 01923 910732; we look forward to hearing from you. 

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