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Enhance The Functionality Of Your Home With A Slimline Veranda

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At Better Outdoors we can provide homeowners in Wembley with stunning slimline aluminium verandas. The slimline design allows you to enjoy the views of your London surroundings without a bulky frame obstructing the view. Our aluminium verandas will instantly transform your home into a space that can be used for a variety of purposes throughout the year. Stunning in its appearance and practical in its design, investing in a slimline veranda will greatly enhance the performance of your Wembley property.

Our slimline verandas are typically attached to an existing property, allowing you to expand your home and create an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Our verandas are manufactured using premium grade aluminium, an inherently robust material that is durable and secure. This means you can benefit from a structure that will keep your home protected year after year, whilst the sturdy frame will also prevent damages from occurring. The modern design of the slimline verandas allows you the option to control the motorised roof blades with a remote control or via an app on your smartphone.

The glazed roof panels and optional sliding doors allow you to generate a veranda design that you can use throughout the hottest of summers and coldest of winters. We have an exceptional range of customisable options that will help you create an outdoor living space in Wembley that is perfectly suited to your needs. To create a room like atmosphere, you can have LED spotlights, heat strips and heated glass, as well as glass sliding doors or bifolding doors installed into the design of your slimline veranda.

Slimline Verandas

Key Features

Energy Efficient

Our selection of verandas are not only beautiful in their design, but they also provide you with excellent thermal performance. The modern design has been stringently tested to ensure that your home in Wembley is kept well insulated during the colder months of the year. You’ll see a reduction in the amount of energy you consume and a reduction in the costs of your future energy bills.

Versatile Design

Our slimline aluminium verandas come with a durable polyester coating that is resistant to fading. You can choose from a range of 7 standard colours, including white, black and grey, as well as matte, metallic and gloss finishes. If you would prefer to create a more unique and bold veranda style, then we have a range of 100+ RAL colours you can choose from to create a truly bespoke design that suits you and your Wembley home perfectly.

Incredibly Secure

Our range of slimline verandas not only offer your Wembley home with stunning visuals, but their modern design also ensures that your home is kept safe year after year. The robust aluminium frame will prevent harsher weather climates from damaging your outdoor living space, whilst also stopping unwanted intruders from breaking into your home.

Slimline Verandas Slimline Verandas Slimline Verandas Slimline Verandas

Are Slimline Verandas Durable?

Our slimline verandas are manufactured using high quality aluminium. This ensures that your veranda structure will stand the test of time, allowing you to enjoy your new outdoor living space without the worry of it decaying over time. The British weather is unreliable, so you’ll be glad to know that our aluminium verandas are able to withstand harsher weather conditions.

Do I Need Planning Permission For a Veranda?

For some properties, you may not need planning permission for your new slimline veranda. However, if you live in a flat, apartment, listed building or within a conservation area, then you will need planning permission. You can check whether you need permission or not by contacting your local planning department via

What Can I Use A Veranda For?

With a Better Outdoors slimline veranda, you will be given a structure that has an endless array of purposes. Our aluminium verandas can be used all year long. Whether you want a comfy space, you can socialise in, or a place you can cosy up with a good book during the winter, our slimline verandas can be designed to suit your requirements.

Customisable Options

Glass Sliding Doors

Glass Sliding Doors

Beautifully transparent full-glass sliding doors allowing you to open up one or more sides of your veranda/pergola. Slim frame, powder coated to match your veranda/pergola. Available in up to 5 tracks for maximum clear area. Locking handles for increased security and clear weather-seals for improved airtightness also available.

Glass Sliding Doors

Glass Walls

Glass walls to close off one or more sides of your veranda/pergola without spoiling the view. Slim frame, powder coated to match your veranda/pergola. Available with aluminium mullions for better airtightness and stability or glass-to-glass joins for the ultimate in clear, unobstructed views. The glass can be optionally back-painted, heated, solar coated or switchable.

Glass Sliding Doors

LED Spot Lights

Ultra-compact, highly efficient warm-white LED downlights which can be integrated into the slim rafters of any of our verandas in groups of up to 12 spots. Can be operated and dimmed with the optional remote control or hard-wired to a light switch.

Glass Sliding Doors


Modern, elegant electric strip heaters designed and weathersealed for outdoor use. Produce a radiant heat with zero orange glow, which heats people and surfaces rather that the air and so are suitable even for open-sided verandas and pergolas. Available in both light and dark finishes and a range of wattages to suit all needs.

Glass Sliding Doors

Heated Glass

Glass produced with a completely clear thermal film which transforms the entire pane into a transparent electric heater. Heats your garden room in an efficient way and ensures glass walls, and roofs are kept clear and condensation free. A beautifully minimal and extremely practical heating solution. Can be integrated into most of our glazed products and is available in a range of wattages which we can assist you in specifying based on a range of factors such as floor area and intended use.

Glass Sliding Doors

Vertical Blinds

Robust, motorised external blinds from the leading German manufacturer which create privacy and shield your garden room from the wind, without blocking out all light. Blinds are tensioned to withstand high wind pressures and the wide range of available fabrics are designed with durability in mind. Can be integrated into any of our verandas or pergolas with their slim casing powder-coated to match. Operated by remote control, and can also be integrated with home-automation systems and smartphones with the optional smart module.

Glass Sliding Doors

Roof Blinds

Robust, motorised roof blinds from the leading German manufacturer which create privacy without blocking out all light. Blinds are tensioned to withstand high wind pressures and the wide range of available fabrics are designed with durability in mind. Roof blinds can be top-mounted or under-mounted, and integrated into any of our verandas with their casing and tracks powder-coated to match. Operated by remote control, and can also be integrated with home-automation systems and smartphones with the optional smart module.

Glass Sliding Doors

Remote Control

Optional remote control for your veranda which operates and dims the LED spot lighting. Included remote control for your pergola which opens/closes/adjust the roof blades, and can also operate and control the optional LED strip lighting if installed.

Colour Options

9010 X

9001 X

7039 S

7016 SM

9005 SM

9005 CTX

9007 SM

Our Pergolas and Verandas are available in over 100 different custom RAL colours, as well as the standard colour options.

Please note, colours may appear differently on your particular device screen. Images are for reference only.

Slimline Verandas Prices, Wembley

If you’re looking for a way to redefine your Wembley outdoor living space or modernise a clients home, then why not invest in a brand new slimline veranda. We have a range of styles to choose from, so you can be sure to find a suitable product that suits you or your clients home.

To see how much your slimline verandah may cost, simply, put your details into our online quote engine. This gives you an estimated price on your bespoke veranda designs.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to assist you with your next garden project. Give us a call on 01923 932 492 or contact is via our online contact form.

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