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Pergolas Richmond upon Thames

Better Outdoors presents Bioclimatic Pergolas, a luxurious enhancement for the Richmond upon Thames outdoors!

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Pergolas Richmond upon Thames

Why not explore our diverse selection of verandas, including slimline verandas, panoramic verandas, and panoramic plus verandas, available in the beautiful area of Richmond upon Thames? 


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Customisable Bioclimatic Pergolas in Richmond upon Thames

With these motorised louvres, you have the power to tailor the level of sunlight permeating your pergola. 


This innovative technology further grants you the ability to swiftly close the louvres during rain, assuring that your outdoor haven remains dry and comfortable, all while granting you full dominion over the weather conditions in the UK. 


The versatility of our pergola and veranda designs also ensures that they can be easily transported and manoeuvred through even the tightest of spaces before they are assembled in your garden or on your patio.


With this streamlined process, you are guaranteed to enjoy your new outdoor heaven without unnecessary delays or complications.

Key Features

Quick Installation

For more in-depth information about our outdoor installation services or any inquiries related to our products, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 


You can drop us an email at or simply give us a call at 01923 932 492. Our dedicated and friendly team members are always at your service, ready to assist you on your exciting home improvement journey. Your vision of the perfect outdoor space is just a message or call away!

Premium Grade Aluminium

Crafted from premium-grade aluminium, our pergolas boast a finish that garners admiration from architects and homeowners alike. The superiority of our aluminium pergola structures becomes evident when compared to alternatives in the market.


Unlike uPVC, our systems are impervious to UV degradation and the warping that can affect lesser materials. Furthermore, unlike steel structures, they are entirely rust-resistant.

Suitable for All Spaces

Our pergolas are not only easy to transport and install but also available in a wide range of sizes to perfectly fit your outdoor area. 


Our configuration options span from designs featuring 11 roof blades with a width of 2532 mm to designs boasting 28 roof blades with a maximum width span of 6000mm. And there's room for expansion too!


In fact, our versatility extends to even taller structures. We can construct pergolas reaching a height of 60 metres using intermediate posts. Additionally, we offer the option to design your motorised roof with a suspended or cantilevered roof, allowing you to save valuable space while enjoying the benefits of a modern pergola.

Customisable Options

Glass Sliding Doors

Our sliding glass doors are not only visually appealing but also practical. 


They come equipped with locking door handles and clear weather seals, effectively keeping the unpredictable London climate at bay and ensuring your outdoor extension remains comfortable and protected. Enjoy the best of both worlds with our innovative pergola solutions.

Glass Walls

You have the flexibility to choose between different options for the glass walls. Opt for aluminium mullions to enhance airtightness and structural integrity, or go for glass-to-glass joints for the clearest garden views.

LED Strip Lights

Controlling your LED lights is convenient and versatile. You can use a remote control, a smartphone app, or opt for a Bluetooth module for seamless operation. It's worth noting that our LED lights can be installed even if you don't require glass side panels or doors, as they are mounted on the same frame. Enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your bioclimatic pergola with our state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions.


Our modern electric strip heaters are specifically designed and sealed for outdoor use, making them an ideal addition to your contemporary bioclimatic pergola with open sides. 


You have the flexibility to choose from a variety of finishes and wattages to suit your specific heating needs. Whether you prefer a light or dark finish, our electric strip heaters are available in various options to match your pergola's aesthetics and provide the perfect level of warmth. Stay comfortable in your bioclimatic pergola year-round with our modern and efficient electric strip heaters.

Heated Glass

Our glass panels are equipped with a transparent thermal film that turns the entire surface into an efficient electric heater. This innovative heating technology ensures that your bioclimatic pergola remains comfortably warm while preventing condensation from forming on the glass walls and roof. 


It's a beautiful, minimal, and highly practical heating solution that comes in various wattages, allowing you to tailor the warmth precisely to your requirements.


Enjoy the benefits of this advanced heating system, which not only keeps you cosy but also maintains the clarity of your pergola's glass panels. Stay comfortable in your outdoor living space, no matter the weather, with our versatile and efficient glass heating solution.

Vertical Blinds

Why not discover our selection of durable, motorised vertical blinds crafted by a leading German manufacturer? 


These blinds are designed to offer privacy and wind protection for your Bioclimatic Pergola without blocking out all of the natural light. They are engineered to withstand high wind pressures, and the fabrics they come with are specifically chosen for their long-lasting performance.


For added convenience and modern living, consider our optional smart module, which allows you to control these blinds remotely. 


This integration also enables seamless operation with home automation systems and smartphones, putting you in control of your pergola's ambiance and comfort with just a few taps or clicks. Enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and style with our motorised vertical blinds.

Rain Sensor

Protect your outdoor space and furnishings effortlessly with our advanced rain sensor technology. When rain is detected, the intelligent rain sensor instantly triggers the closure of your bioclimatic pergola's roof, ensuring that your furniture and extension remain safe and dry. 


Please note that after activation, the mechanism takes approximately 4-5 hours to reset, during which time the blades will not be operable. 

Remote Control

Elevate your outdoor living experience with the optional remote control, designed to provide convenient operation and customization for your bioclimatic pergola. 


With this remote, you can effortlessly open, close, and adjust the roof blades of your pergola, allowing you to adapt to changing weather conditions and light preferences.

Colour Options

9010 X

9001 X

7039 S

7016 SM

9005 SM

9005 CTX

9007 SM

Our Pergolas and Verandas are available in over 100 different custom RAL colours, as well as the standard colour options.

Please note, colours may appear differently on your particular device screen. Images are for reference only.

Pergola Prices Richmond upon Thames

Our pergola prices in London are not only competitive but also offer exceptional value for the quality and durability of our systems. 


You also have the flexibility to specify the number of walls or sliding doors you prefer on each side of your system, and they can be installed with or without mullions for a tailored look. 


So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your free online quote today to discover the ideal modern pergola solution for your outdoor project!

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