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Increasing your home value with a pergola

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If you are looking for a new, beautiful addition to your back garden to bump up your property's value, a pergola is the perfect design element. Creating an outside environment that can be used all year round. The beauty and value it brings to your home is why you should understand the excellent features pergolas hold. 

Bespoke aluminium pergolas

How do pergolas add value to a home?

Aluminium pergolas are strong and durable, which increases the value, style and practicality of your property. The additional features offering pull down screens or retractable canopies create a functional outdoor space in your garden that allows usage for any time of the year, which is a valuable asset to any British homeowner. Many features contribute to adding value to any home with pergolas. 


Increasing living space

Pergolas create a stylish outdoor getaway space which is a unique addition for homeowners. Implementing this works well to add extra space and extend living areas, giving extra choice. 

When choosing a pergola, size will determine the value, however, it is important to choose a pergola that suits your garden size. Creating a space that is not just a reasonable size but suits your garden style is important. Increasing living space with a pergola is something that will instantly attract potential buyers and increase the value of your home.


Style and Appearance

A pergola will improve the visual aesthetic of your garden, enhancing the appearance and creating a sense of luxury. Customisable colours and materials are available to choose from for pergolas to ensure they suit your garden's style, integrating it perfectly. Adding a certain elegance to any garden space offers a versatile approach to garden decor, instantly increasing the value of a standard garden.


Weatherproof all year round

Pergolas are particularly popular to help protect against all weather conditions. Choosing the right materials is crucial to maintaining the value and keeping it suitable for British weather. The option for other materials to enhance the usability all year round can be added onto pergolas. Glass doors and walls, privacy blinds, radiant heaters, LED lights and more can help the outside feel like the inside. Creating a cool, shaded area in the summer months and a warm, protected space in the winter is what pergolas provide. 


Learn More About Pergolas

There are a variety of styles and choices available with pergolas that may perfectly suit your home, whether it is big or small! Pergolas have a huge potential that a lot of homeowners don’t realise, with the ability to create a valuable living space and a beautiful outdoor solution, it will transform your home! Increase the value of your home and find out more about pergolas today, request a free quote to speak to one of our friendly team members. 

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