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Bioclimatic Pergolas – Wembley

Our bioclimatic pergolas in Wembley are the perfect outdoor living solution that will protect you throughout the day from sun, rain and snow. These external structures are fitted with remote controlled motorised louvres which is what makes our bioclimatic pergola so unique.

The motorised blades, or louvres, are angled so you can customise how much sunlight enters your pergola. It also means that when it rains, you will be able to close them to protect your space from getting wet offering you complete control over the changing weather conditions. This is paired with concealed drainage to ensure the water is not sitting on top of your pergola.

No matter the weather, you can always enjoy your time in your Wembley garden with our bioclimatic pergolas. In addition, the blades of the bioclimatic pergola can be angled to allow for a light breeze.

Our bioclimatic pergolas in Wembley will provide your property with a stylish and comfortable outdoor living solution that will change the way you perceive outdoor living.

Customisable Pergolas in Wembley

We offer our customers the ability to create a personal space with our bioclimatic pergolas. Possibilities are endless when Wembley homeowners and tradespeople choose Better Outdoors. We offer you a range of colour options alongside a vast selection of customisable options, such as glazed doors and glass walls, LED strip lights and even a rain sensor. This allows us to provide you with a bioclimatic pergola that is perfectly suited to your needs and taste.

Motorised Bio-climatic Pergola Prices

Key Features

Simple Installation

Our bioclimatic pergolas have been cleverly designed to allow for a quick and simple installation. This means that your Wembley property will have minimal disruption, and you will have your new pergola installed promptly. Our designs mean that they can also be transported easily and manoeuvred through smaller spaces before being assembled in your garden or patio. For more information on our pergola installations, please visit us or give us a call.

Premium Grade Aluminium

The bioclimatic pergola from Better Outdoors is manufactured using premium grade materials and offer a beautiful finish that is favoured by architects. The robust aluminium structure is far superior to other materials used for similar products. Suited to all environments, our systems will not warp or suffer from UV degradation like uPVC and do not rust like steel structures. For bioclimatic pergolas in Wembley that have a long lifespan, get in touch with Better Outdoors.

Suitable for All Spaces

Not only do our pergolas allow for easy transportation and installations in Wembley, but they can also be modified in size to suit your outdoor space. Our configuration options start from a design of 11 roof blades and a width of 2532mm and up to 28 roof blades with a max width span of 6000mm. This can be expanded further. With intermediate posts, we can build a structure of up to 60m! We can also design your motorised roof pergola to feature a cantilevered or suspended roof to help you save on space.

Bioclimatic Pergola Prices Wembley Supply Only Bioclimatic Pergola Aluminium Pergola with Motorised Blades Wembley Bioclimatic Aluminium Pergola Wembley London

How can I make my bioclimatic pergola private?

We offer a couple of options which can help you to enhance the levels of privacy with your bioclimatic pergola. We offer external vertical blinds which operate similarly to the motorised remote-controlled roof blades. We can also provide you with glass walls that are made of Liquid Crystal Glass (LCG), meaning you can benefit from privacy with the flick of a switch.

How does the rain sensor work?

If you choose to have a rain sensor installed into your Wembley bioclimatic pergola, you will benefit from roof blades that will automatically close, just in time for the downpour.

Will my bioclimatic pergola withstand heavy snow?

Because we know that weather in the UK is very unpredictable, we offer you a pergola that can bear a maximum snow load of 70-85 KG/m2. This is also paired with thermal freeze protection to ensure that the snow load does not interfere with your new outdoor living space.

Bioclimatic Pergola Prices, Wembley

Our bioclimatic pergola prices in Wembley are incredibly competitive. We offer you an outstanding value with the quality and longevity of our systems. You can use our online pricing tool to design your pergola with or without all of our wonderful additions. You can choose from a glazed pergola, custom RAL colours, rain sensors or Bluetooth interfaces and so much more.

We also offer you the ability to let us know how many walls or sliding doors you want on each side of your pergola system, and they can be installed with or without mullions.

If you are looking for the perfect bioclimatic pergola for your Wembley project, start your free online quote now.

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If you would like to discuss your designs in person, become part of our trade network, or want to see the bioclimatic pergola in action, you can visit our London showroom which is not too far from Wembley. We can demonstrate the motorised roof system to you and show you all of the customisation options that can be installed, such as blinds, sliding doors, and LED lights.

Colour Options

9010 X

9001 X

7039 S

7016 SM

9005 SM

9005 CTX

9007 SM

Our Pergolas and Verandas are available in over 100 different custom RAL colours, as well as the standard colour options.

Please note, colours may appear differently on your particular device screen. Images are for reference only.

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